Unit 4 – Project Proposal – Transhumanism


Unit 4 – Project Proposal

Centre Name Ravensbourne University Centre no. 14271
Student Name Ruth Tolani Foluso Ogundamisi Candidate no. ULN Number 6525059789
Project Title Transhumanism
Date 25/02/19
Pathway Fashion Promotion
Section 1: Rationale (Approx 150 words)
Throughout the developmental stage of the course, I have particularly enjoyed illustration, studio lighting, brand analysis and film making workshops. The course has allowed me to touch on an expansive range of skills and develop consistency in my style whilst also adhering to a brand identity. Customer profiling and refining my research skills have enabled me to realise the maximum potential of an idea. At the beginning of the course, I struggled with exploring a topic extensively and daring to investigate new avenues. As I have practised, I have improved on producing an outcome that is interesting, well informed and relevant, which has expressed itself in a stronger final outcome. I have found these skills to be transferable and have supported the way I learn independently in both a creative and academic setting. My work experience placement at London Fashion Week has given me direct insight into how these skills are realised in the industry. This opportunity has allowed me to see how a multifaceted creative team can come together to realise a successful creative outcome.
Section 2: Project Concept (approx 250 words)
Technology has exponentially progressed since the industrial revolution and has begun to assimilate with our day to day lives. Eliminative Materialists Like and Paul Churchland liken our mind to ‘biological mechanical processes’,  reducing our mind to physical matter. These are properties similar to that of robotics and AI. The areas of technology that I will be exploring are Fashion, Medical transhumanism and technological ethical philosophies. AI oriented companies like Beutey_GAN and photographer may be pioneering fashion. Beauty_Gan have created an AI software that is able to create new makeup looks, whilst Wilson has introduced life-like computer simulated models which are featured in familiar real-life settings.               


My aim is to confront and abstract the idea of what constitutes as humanity and what attributes one must have to remain human in the age of technology. Artists like Cameron James Wilson directly confront us with an unsettling narrative of AI and how we are slowly approaching our essence being interlinked with it. Brands such as Qiaodan Ying Ping and Nike are already breaching the confines of fashion, making them suitable for human and environmental improvements. I am interested to see how close we are to an inevitable technological evolution. These advancements pose several ethical questions. I will be investigating how far medicine is crossing the line between healing and enhancing, and whether augmented humans will inevitably create a new social hierarchy.

I will also be looking into how technology has informed fashion and in turn, influences our lives and relinquishes us from autonomy. To realise transhumanism, I will be creating an editorial spread highlighting our assimilation with technology and create a supporting short video. The short video will allow me to better showcase transhumanism in a digital, less static and more engaging way. In the fashion industry, there is a lack of designs that are up to date with our recent technological advancements. I choose to explore transhumanism because it is a niche that has not been thoroughly explored in relation to fashion. I aim to introduce my audience to transhumanism in an accessible way that they themselves can adopt in their lifestyles. To promote my outcome I plan on 3D printing my invites and use digital promotional strategies. These methods will allow me to reach more customers who are interested in technology and transhumanism.

Section 3: Evaluation (approx 100 words)
My research will inform my visual and physical responses. Because my research looks into ethics, fashion, philosophy and science, my responses should be well informed from multiple disciplines. I will also utilise the interests of my customer to make sure I create an outcome that is most engaging. Throughout my project, I will be using polls and allow people to answer questions on social media so that I am constantly engaging in real time to keep my work relevant.
Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)


  • Gao, Ying. (2019). (no)where(now)here. 2 gaze-activated dresses. [online] Vimeo. Available at: https://vimeo.com/68293670 (2019).
  • Iris van Herpen.Magnetic Motion. Spring collection (2015).



Museums and galleries

  • Hito Steyerl. Power Plants. Serpentine Galleries. March 6th-April 6th 2019
  • Jenny Holzer. Tate Modern. 3rd March – July 31 2019
  • Miroslaw Balka. Random Access Memory.White Cube Mason’s Yard. March 3rd-March 9th 2019
  • Viktor Wynd. The Victor Wynd Museum Of Curiosities 2015-present. http://www.thelasttuesdaysociety.org/museum-curiosities/#.XHwCeFz7TIU




Project Action Plan and Timetable
Week Date Week


Activity / What you are intending to do – including independent study Resources / What you will need to do it – including access to workshops
1 Mon 04/03/19 Research transhumanism making notes on the book, journals and films.

Customer research and profiling.

Visit Galleries


Fashion monitor


Books and films


Camera and visual diary for interviews


2 Mon


Begin a sketchbook.


Physical mood board.

Respond through illustrations

and research current transhumanism fashion trends.

Mark making materials

Art materials


Visual diary

Laptop and printing


3 Mon18/03/19 Research online resources on technological advancements and documentary photography. Learn how to use 3D modelling software to experiment with making garments and technology. Research machine learning. Plan video Laptop



Visual diary

Visit the science museum and others


4 Mon25/03/19 Realise 3D prototypes in prototyping through 3D printing and other methods. Experiment with sculpture and accessories for garments.film imagery and start the mock video. Research how theatre and film tack ideas involving technology Prototyping

Materials to make sculptures


Visual diary

5 Mon


Research through documentaries and articles to expand ideas and research. Plan locations, models and materials needed for video/editorial spread.

Mock shoot

Work on short video


Visual diaries


6 Mon10/04/19
Respond and expand on research
Create a still life shoot accordingly start to plan a final outcome

Make sure that response is up to date with the current technological climate.


Sketchbook/visual diary


Shoot location and set and props

7 Mon


Refine ideas and research. Plan in depth and evaluate how the final outcome will be realised.Shoot for look book.

Work on short video.

3D printer




8 Mon


Finalise the following:Lookbook



Professional printing





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